Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tacky Gift Swap!

I am blessed with dear friends from high school who are still friends after all these years. Every year, the gang gets together for our annual tacky gift swap. This annual affair is, if I remember correctly, 5 years old (correct me if I am wrong Kyle).

It seems that every year it gets harder and harder to schedule the whole gang together, and this year proved no exception. As a result we got together at 1:00 on Xmas Eve, sandwiching it between all of our family get togethers and celebrations. I was so busy having a darned good time that I forgot to take much in the way of pictures, only a few are worth sharing. (Ladies, if anyone has any to add, please send them my way!)

Kyle with Russell.

One of the 'classic' tacky gifts, I believe this gem of a tissue box cover is from a gift swap several years ago.

Elena, our 'little hostess' eschewing pants and opening gifts. Yeah, it was that kind of party!

Thanks Becky for hosting this year. See you ladies next year.


Lisa said...

Missy- For some reason I was thinking about you and Justin today, googled you and found your blog. So happy to see you're happy and healthy. Congrats on your little miracle, he's beautiful! I'm still in NYC, very happily married, with a baby of my own. His name is Benjamin, now 14 months!
Hugs to everyone,
Lisa (Lyons) Schmutter

Mel said...

Lisa, I have been thinking about you for a few months, but had no idea where to begin to find you. Then you found me! I have done some internet sluething, and sent my contact information to your husband. I hope to hear from you soon!