Monday, January 5, 2009

But without the porridge.

I have a pet peeve. (Ok, I have several, but that's neither here nor there.) I hate it when the blankets on the bed get turned around so that the tag sticks into my face at night. It annoys me.

So the other night, I climb into bed, and lo and behold there is a tag in my face. Erk. I make Justin (and the dog) get off the bed so we can rearrange the blankets so that the tag is not in my face. We climb back into bed.

As we are settling back in, Justin discovers that he has the tag for the other blanket in his face. The following exchange happens:

Me: (starting to get up) We can rearrange the blankets.
Him: Don't need to, I don't care.
Him: We're like the three bears that way.
Me: (confused) Huh?
Him: You hate tags, Russell loves them, and I don't care either way.

Jus always makes me smile.

Russell playing with a tag on his jungle mat. He does indeed love them. He finds the on everything and then plays with them preferentially over the 'rest' of the toy. It's really cute.

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Andy said...

I know what Auntie Sarah and I are getting Russell for his first birthday then. . .