Friday, January 16, 2009

Russell's first Christmas Marathon.

Part three in my holiday vacation '08 series.

We have always considered ourselves lucky that our parents live close together. That way, we never need to choose which parents to spend any visits with, we can see them all.

It does however, backfire on single-day holidays. On Christmas we go from house, to house, to house no fewer than four times, and have for several years. (In fact, a few years ago it was up around six, but we have cut back). This year we did it with a 6 month old! He was, in point of fact, the best. baby. ever. and handled it without the slightest fuss. His day (and ours) looked like this:

Stop 1:
Christmas Eve is always at the Georgi's, so on Christmas morning we wake up early and open stockings.

The Christmas elf made it seem not-so-early this year.

Then, we bundle everyone up into the car, and drive off to...

Stop 2: My mom's house for breakfast at 9am and gifts with that whole side of the family. Here is Russell being loved by Auntie Kim.

Russell got a wee bit overloaded with the huge group and all the noise, so he snuggled up with his new tiger and fell asleep in daddy's arms.

Then, the chaos subsides briefly, we jump back in the car and head a mile down the road to...

Stop 3: My dad's parents' house. My dad has graciously given up the trip to his house on Christmas and now meets us at Nana and Grandpa's for the holiday cheer and gift exchange.

Russell took his afternoon nap in Nana's arms. This pleased his great grammie no end.

Then, we pack it up again folks, we head to:

Stop 4: Back to the Georgi's.

Since the Georgi's are the only family without small children, they have allowed us to wait until 3 or so to come back and open gifts. Again, a really sweet gesture to accommodate our crazy schedules.

Russell really had a blast here, playing with all his Christmas wrapping paper

and boxes

that I don't know why anyone wrapped anything but empty cardboard for him.

Russell finally fell asleep in Grammie Ann's arms here. We put him to bed shortly thereafter.

He was such a good kid considering how long the day was. And whenever he was awake, he LOVED opening presents.

Merry first Christmas kiddo.

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