Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Years Fondue (sort of).

Part six in my holiday wrap up series.

While we were on the east coast for the holiday, we drove down to Long Island so that I could meet with my advisor about this little thing called a dissertation. We timed it so that we could spend the New Year with our friends there.

Joe and Jesse graciously let us stay at their place for three days with a baby. Their generosity knows NO bounds. We cannot thank them enough.

Russell had a great time. They had three kittens, this is one of them. Which one, I still don't know, two of them were identical as far as I was concerned.

and a big mirror to play with.

For New Years, the gang had a fondue party! However, without Auntie Sarah in the kitchen, these things just don't go as smoothly (pun intended) as one might like. The first batch of fondue was perhaps...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

first batch, yes folks, that lump of cheese mush on a plate was in fact, supposed to be fondue.

Decided to 'rescue it' by broiling it in the oven and making it a warm-cheese-logish-type- thing.

final presentation.

At least it was yummy; The second batch was much more successful.

Other odds and ends from the evening.

Jesse hanging out with Gina's new room mate.

Russell and his 'big red cup'.

Happy New Year!

No, it wasn't really that kind of party, those girls just like to pose for the camera. But we did have a great time!

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