Monday, January 12, 2009

I went running!

This morning was week 1 day 2 of my running program, and I got out and did it!

Start time: 6:45 AM MST (I kid you not)
Run time: 30 minutes
Distance: 2.01 miles or so, I didn't pay very close attention, but it was mostly the same route as last time.

Notes: Cold desert predawn morning, I have NO idea what the temp was, but it was uncomfortable at first, probably about 45. I upped the challenge rating today though, and took the dog on my run. I took Sandy largely because it was dark when I started and I wanted the security of a furry friend. Turns out, she's in worse shape than I am, and has the attention span of a goldfish. I had to drag her butt the last few intervals. She's also a chicken, and when the recycling truck came by, she spooked.

I love my dog.

But the run felt good, and went quickly, largely because of the distraction.

Next run: Wednesday or Thursday, not sure which.

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Christine said...

Thanks for delurking and stopping by! GOOD LUCK on the running again. I'm also trying to get myself back on track and will try out the couch to 5K as last time around almost killed me. :)

Your little one is adorable!