Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Between Christmas and my Birthday, we have received a number of great gifts in the last few months, and I thought you'd like to see some action shots of us loving them all.

Andy and Sarah sent Russell two fantastic puppets for Christmas. Check these out!

and of course they came in this:

I made reference before to the birthday hug monkey well he not only made an appearance this year, but he got a bike too!

Justin also got a bike!

Russell loves to play with some of his Christmas presents like drum

and his vtech ball

But, he still doesn't quite get his jonny jumper...he will.

Two of my favoritest presents from this year are my grapefruit tree

and my Roomba.

(I also ADORE my Garmin, but I don't have a pic of it)

So thank you one and all, if you gave us one of these objects, we are enjoying them thoroughly. Of course, if you gave us something that isn't here, we are likely enjoying that too...but it hasn't shown up on film yet.

Oh...and I just realized, this is my 100th post! Go Blog Go!

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