Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Which, I admit, doesn't mean much to Phoenicians. I haven't actually spoken to any natives about it, but they probably don't understand it.

It was one heck of a Super Bowl yesterday. Cards lost...but only just barely. It was fun to watch, and even more so because I am so happy for the Steelers. I took the day off from working yesterday so I could enjoy one day completely without "I should be working" guilt.

In addition to watching the game, we watched the first three sets of the rebroadcast of the Nadal/Federer final at the Australian Open. I organized all my digital pictures on my computer, and I finally finished the knitting and seaming of Russell's jacket that I have been working on very slowly for a while. All it's missing now is buttons, because I don't have any yet. Isn't it cute?

And it fits him darned perfectly at the moment. Once the buttons are on, I'll take a picture of him in it.

I also made breakfast yesterday, and had to keep the little one entertained while I did so. I gave him a funnel. It was picture worthy.

Today, I got my run in...I think this week will be week 4 and next week will also be week 4. I think if I push to week 5 next week I am doomed. No harm in slowing it down. It'll ultimately make it more fun.

Walk/Jog C25K Week 4 day 2.
Start time: 10:00 AM MST
Run time: 32 minutes
Distance: 2.36 miles
Pace: 13.56 minute mile
Miles on Sneakers: Pink Adidas 2.36

Notes: My pace *appears* do be improving tremendously. Really, there is just less total walking because today I ended the day's program AT my front door. No extra walking home because somehow I wound up a quarter mile away. Until I am done with the C25K, it will jump around a lot because pace isn't really what matters here. (I was just curious.)

I am also adding a new stat...miles on sneakers. It won't be exactly accurate for either pair of running shoes I own, because I have no idea what miles these shoes have already seen, but it will give me an idea of when I should spring for a new pair of shoes to avoid serious injury.

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