Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode to Monkey

Russell was born with monkey toes. Big, long, prehensile, he-still-grabs-us-with-them monkey toes.

Add to that a long-standing joke in our household about the "Birthday Hug Monkey" and we have ourselves a guaranteed baby nickname.

Russell is our Hug Monkey.

Which, of course, means that many of the toys we have gotten him have had monkeys on them. Like jungle mat:

A better pic of Monkey.

Even early on, monkey was a favorite (this one is from August)

and then there is the classic photo which will probably get shown to his prom dates: "When Monkeys Attack"

We have hundreds of photos of our Hug Monkey with his monkey

I suspect monkey will be loved for a while.

I know our Hug Monkey is.

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