Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a nut.

Funny story... on Wednesday, I dropped Justin and Russell at work and daycare respectively, and on my way home stopped at the natural foods store, an Arizona chain called Sprouts, to find some Fenugreek supplements. (Fenugreek is commonly used to increase milk supply, a recent concern of mine, so I thought I'd give it a go.) Now, I LOVE shopping at Sprouts. It's got beautiful produce, three aisles of bulk bins of grains, candies, nuts, trail mix etc, and a great bakery. (Never mind their meat counter!) So letting me is is always dangerous. Especially alone.

So on Wednesday I wander in. I find my fenugreek capsules (thanks Em!) and take the opportunity to shop for a few minutes. I ponder some organic baby food, but decide Russell is barely letting me spoon feed him anything anymore. I look at the produce and pick up some pears as a new finger food treat for Russell. I grab a round of my FAVORITE tomato focaccia, and then I give in to wild temptation and get two treats for me. Some chocolate covered pretzels and some roasted salted pistachios.

Now, I knew chocolate covered pretzels were a weakness of mine. But I had NO idea how powerless I was in the face of pistachios. I ate half the bag. I could. not. stop. By some miracle, in the guise of a mild tummyache, I did not finish them all off.

Then I went to pick up Justin.

In regaling Justin with the travails of my (rather boring) day, I mention that I am completely powerless in the face of pistachios.

This is when he points out to me, much amused, that there is a pistachio recall and associated Salmonella scare.


You see, I have recently started avoiding the news. I HATE the fact that it's all about children being abused, crazy people killing themselves and others (often children) and how stupidly bad our economy has gotten. So I had no idea. And seriously, I buy myself pistachios maybe once every six months! But I had to pick Wednesday..., after a few hours of wondering I finally went to the Sprouts website where they posted a notice that said that their pistachios were unaffected by the recall. So I am not going to die of Salmonella. I might still suffer a stomachache or two from eating the whole bag, but I won't die of Salmonella.

Sometimes...sometimes my timing is just so amusingly terrible it's funny.

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