Friday, April 3, 2009

The faster I work...

...the behinder I get.

I was just looking through baby pics and realized that, with regards to posting images here, you consistently get pictures about three to four weeks behind. Commentary without images is usually up to the minute.

For instance, these pics were taken on March fifth. I was sorting laundry. Russell 'helped' by finding the big pile of daddy's socks and rolling in it.

I guess a few weeks behind is the price you pay for uber-cute baby pics. (Or is that the price you pay for relying on me to post uber-cute baby pics? Same thing, right?)

In more timely news: I got out for a run this morning for the first time since...well looking back at the blog records, February 21st. Yikes! Knowing how long it had been, I went back a few weeks in the C25K program to see if I could gauge my fitness level at the moment.

Walk/Jog C25K Week 2 day 3.
Start time: 8:00 AM MST
Run time: 30ish minutes *see Notes
Distance: 2ish miles *see Notes
Pace: hard to calculate from 'ishes'
Estimated Miles on Sneakers:
Pink Adidas 4.80
Blue Brooks 14.83

Notes: So I felt really good today, week two is still under my belt with no issues. Having said that, I didn't finish it as it was supposed to be run because as I was coming up on the last 3 minutes of intervals, I spotted two stray dogs. Both without collars and in really good health, just trotting along separately down the street. I stopped running and pulled out my cellphone to figure out how to report these.

One of them, a beautiful shepard mastiff cross, if I had to guess, trotted along beside me for a little while, then went off to explore someone's yard. I am (as I type this) on hold with the Maricopa county animal control office to report them, so that maybe someone can pick the poor things up before they get hit.

I only wish I had been capable of getting them to follow me home so I could keep them safe until the animal control officer arrived. But I am certainly not going to handle a unknown stray by myself, no matter how friendly they seemed. I hope their mommies find them...or at least that they find a good home.

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