Sunday, April 5, 2009

Too true.

In this tough economy, we are relatively lucky. Justin has a solid job that is in no danger, and the cost of living is low here. But still, we watch our spending and budget monthly. There are many things we would like still, but nothing that we NEED is out of reach.

In fact, after several years as grad students (and last fall when we were supporting two homes halfway across the country from one another) we seem to be pretty comfortable. (Comfortable enough, in fact, that I start to feel guilty about how much we do have compared to others that are being hit hard by this economy through no fault of their own.)

Occasionally though, I am reminded of what it really means to be comfortable. A recent blog post I stumbled upon reminded me again. If you have a chance, read it.

May you all be so lucky to have the important things.

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