Sunday, April 5, 2009

...and a run

I managed to get out for a run today! Two 'in a row'! I am so glad to be back to healthy.

Walk/Jog C25K Week 3 day 1.
Start time: 11:00 AM MST
Run time: 35 minutes
Distance: 2.44 miles
Pace: 14.34 minute mile
Estimated Miles on Sneakers:
Pink Adidas 7.24
Blue Brooks 14.83

Notes: Phoenix is all blue skies, flowers, and butterflies today. TOO gorgeous for words. Even some of the most common weeds around here blossom with daisy-like flowers in the most fantastic shade of orange.

The run itself was good. Exactly the speed I need right now. It was a little challenging near the end, but I did it without huffing and puffing and thinking I was gonna die. Perfect. On Wednesday, I will do week 3 day 2.

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