Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reason #2...

...that I like Phoenix.

There is a damn fine zoo. And I am a sucker for zoos. In fact, I am such a sucker for zoos, that the first day of our honeymoon was spent at the Seattle Zoo. That is how much of a sucker for zoos I am.

And the Phoenix zoo is fun.

(Please forgive the quality of pictures, for some reason the white balance on our camera was off...)

Now, technically this isn't Russell's first zoo trip. He went to the Bronx zoo with us in July, but I (ahem) lost the camera and didn't get those pics. (And if you want to get really technical, he went to the San Diego Zoo with Jus and I in April at -2 months old) But, this is now the first zoo trip which A) I have pictures for and B) He noticed he was at the zoo.

Now, 'B' may be pushing it, since at most of the exhibits he was looking at something fascinating, like the stroller. Or a tree. Or the little tag that sticks off of his pants. But he did notice a couple of animals. And I truly believe he had a good time.

Russell and Daddy looking at the Coati.

Russell and Daddy looking...well, cute

Russell and Mommy in front of the giraffe exhibit.

Of all the things at the zoo though, Russell LOVED the duck pond. But he was so tired, he fell asleep while watching the ducks.

We only did part of the zoo, but we got memberships so we could come and go as we please in the next year(s). What a treat to be able to share something I love so much with the Hug Monkey.

And I leave you with the following words of wisdom:

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