Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Confusion

So, I was a bad mommy. Ok, a distracted one. And when we moved from Long Island I packed Russell's Halloween costume on the truck.

The truck came on November 4th. Oooops.

So, Halloween had no costume for the baby. In fact, Russell spent his first Halloween lying around on the living room floor with his parents because we still had no furniture. We had lots of Trick or Treaters though, and gave out a ton of candy.

As an aside, I think the highlight of my night was early on. I gave out some candy to a cute little witch (the costume, not the child) and as I closed the door, I heard her say, "Daddy, those people have no furniture." I nearly cried I was laughing so hard. More children commented on it, but that first one was so sweet and cute. It was hilarious.

But, at least he had cute Halloween slippers his great grammie sent to him. (Thanks Nana!) Don't even get me started on how hard they are to photo on baby feet.

Russell loved them, they made rattling noises when he moved his feet. I think they contributed to his first "finding of his feet". He's playing with them here.

However cute, kitten booties do not a 'first Halloween' costume make. So, we did the next best thing for dressing him up for Halloween. We dressed him up for Election night! Yes, we had a big Election night party to go to with coworkers and friends from Justin's new job, so Russell wore his Halloween costume.

Besides, they were all anatomists, so they appreciated it.

Don't worry, next year he'll dress up for Halloween, not election night. We'd hate for him to get confused.

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