Friday, October 17, 2008

A parent's gratitude.

Russell had his last day at daycare today, which meant that we got to take home his 'artwork' from the last few months. Look what he did!

The last page of the book was personal notes from the ladies who work at the center.

While Russell is too little to notice the fact that he isn't going back, I will. I am indebted to the wonderful women who not only took care of him, but clearly cared for him a great deal.

So, thank you Miss Kathy, Miss Gina, Miss Jackie and Miss Katelyn for all you did for us. I know that for you, it's a job, and often a joy, to care for our children everyday. But for me, it was a comfort and a relief knowing that Russell was well cared for every day, that I had someone who clearly loved him taking care of him, and that I never had to worry while he was in your care. Not to mention the care you showed me as I made it through these last three months.

From a first-time parent. I thank you.
I only hope I can find someone in Phoenix to care for him half as well as you did.

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