Sunday, October 26, 2008

I am a worn out baby.

I wish mom and dad knew how tired I am after the last few days.

First, the movers came and took all of our boxes and put them in a big truck. Mom was at work finishing up stuff when they came, so she wasn't around to take any pictures. But the movers were nice and all stopped to play with me between loads.

After the movers left we went to movie night and said goodbye to our Long Island friends.

Then mom and dad spent 24 hours cleaning the apartment, which took far longer than they thought it would. I sat in my bassinet and played with my rattle and was a very good boy the whole time.

Then we drove up to Mass to visit all of my relatives. It was cold there.

Then we got on a PLANE! I've never been on a plane before, but I was a very good boy and slept most of the way there. I was so good that a few people even told mommy and daddy how good I was when we deplaned in Phoenix. One lady at the baggage claim said she didn't even know there was a baby on the plane.

We drove to our new home and Sandy was glad to see us.

When we got there, we had lots of presents waiting for us. The nice lady who watches the dog left a welcome home basket for us and a toy for me.

Great Nana also sent us a Halloween package, and it included cute booties with kitties on them for me. I wouldn't hold my feet still enough for mommy to get a good picture though.

There is no furniture here yet. Mommy says it will come next Monday or so. Until then, I get to play on the floor.

Tomorrow daddy goes back to work, and mommy says she has to work on her dissertation. Maybe then I will finally be able to get some rest!

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