Saturday, October 4, 2008


A big part of our lives right now is the challenge of weekday mornings. I need to get up, get showered, and get breakfast, preferably before the babe wakes. Then I have to get him up, fed, dressed and all our stuff packed for the day. This inevitably takes longer than I planned for (regardless of how much time I planned) and we are almost always later to daycare/school later than I had planned.

Just to add to the challenge, Russell isn't a big car fan. He used to fuss the whole ride. Then, we discovered that Sheepy (our white noise generating sheep) made everything better.

A few morning pics:

I need to get out of the house every morning with my computer bag, the pump, my lunch, Russell's lunch, and anything he might need at daycare. Oh yeah, and the baby! So I am usually 'bagged down' with a lot of stuff. (Ok, bad pun)

An unusual picture of Russell awake and in the car. You can see Sheepy's foot in this picture. Without Sheepy, that would have been a screaming baby.

Thankfully, we often wind up with sleepy baby in the car. He does fuss worst as he is falling asleep, but it is short lived. Then he goes out cold. Isn't he the cutest baby when he's sleeping?

In only a few weeks, I will be staying at home full time to write my dissertation. Then my morning routine will be much easier to handle.

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