Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nine days...

The countdown has begun. In nine days, I have to be done with the data at work AND have the whole house packed for the movers. It's crunch time.

I admit, I am a little worried. So, I have called in my support team. My mother will come by later today and spend the night. Her mission, help me pack as much as humanly possible.

Next weekend, Justin's folks are coming down and watching the kiddo so I can go to work Saturday and Sunday and HOPEFULLY finish everything I need to before I leave. Then Justin gets here Sunday giving us until Tuesday to get everything else packed and ready to go.

Fingers are crossed that we can pull this off.

Please bear with me if posting doesn't happen for a week or so - things are CRAZY!

In the meantime:

Guess who hit his 4 month milestone last Monday! Yes indeed - Mr. Cuteypants - he was surprised too.

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