Monday, March 2, 2009

Two realities. Same planet.

The email from Jet Blue yesterday (paraphrased): Due to a Winter Storm that will bring heavy amounts of snow, your flight has been cancelled.

The weather in my backyard today, which is more or less the same as it was yesterday when I got the email.


It is very hard to accept that in NY they have gotten 15 inches of snow and are looking at getting far more. It's gonna be 90 here today.

Clearly,I am not a Phoenix native, I'd be used to this sort of thing.

So, my trip to NY was canceled. Molly and I had a conference call instead. (She held her end from home, because all classes were canceled at Stony Brook and her road wasn't plowed yet as of 11 am...I still have a hard time with this.). We got a ton done. Saved me a trip, which can't be a bad thing. Everyone wins.

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