Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Morgan update

Just so you all know, the lovely and vivacious Morgan, after just under a week in the hospital, was discharged yesterday and is doing fantastically well. It'll still be a few weeks until she can go to school, but she is up and moving and we are all insanely impressed at how well that little girl has healed up.

I am very happy for her.

In related news, a PSA: should you ever send something by Amazon, double-check the address. Thankfully, my folks live in a town where everyone knows everyone else, because when I sent a package home for Mo, I put the wrong number in the street address. Replaced a 2 with a 1...a small mistake, but most obnoxious.

Mom will head down the street to pick up the package from her neighbor later, but I feel like a dummy. Go figure.

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