Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remember the Grapefruit Tree?

Yeah. My dead brown thumb strikes again. At least this time is wasn't lethal (yet).

See for yourself:

Grapefruit tree on January 13

Grapefruit tree on March 2

Huh. There seems to be I was told at the nursery that overwatering a grapefruit tree will kill it. I have a history of neglecting to water my plants, so this sounded like a match made in heaven. This time, I *intentionally* let the soil get good and dry before I watered it again. I'm good right?

It turns out, that when dealing with citrus, they'll survive fine with little water, but if they get too dry, the next time you water them they get all confused and all the leaves fall off. Gah!

The proper procedure is to water evenly every few days. Especially with a container grown citrus, because they dry out faster. Wish someone had mentioned that. So now, I have a bit of a Charlie Brown Grapefruit Tree.

I know it's not dead since, 1) it has a bunch of new leaves (since I started watering it properly) and 2) it has a ton of blossoms. It smells fantastic. It just doesn't provide shade the way it used to. Let's call it, shade challenged.

I just want to keep it alive long enough to get a single fruit from it this year. One. Single. Grapefruit. Is that too much to ask?

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