Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Did you know the zoo has animals?

When the family came down to visit a few weeks ago, Russell, mom and I went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and we just wandered around and looked at the exhibits.

This time, Russell noticed that there were ANIMALS! Not all of them mind you (the green metal railing around 80% of the exhibits was fascinating too.) but he did start to understand that we were looking at animals.

In particular, in the children's part of the zoo, the animals are more accessible. They are usually only behind a fence with a few rails like a barnyard, so kids can see them better.

Russell spotted the Xebu. He got this big grin on his face. Then he spun around in my arms and hugged me tight as if to say, "Oh my gosh momma, don't look now, but there is a big animal in that pen and it's gonna get me!". It was really cute.

He also got to pet the goat in the open goat pen while Grammy Nason held him.

Mom also took a great pic of Russell and me in the Monkey exhibit.

The zoo is more fun every time we go. For both of us.

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