Sunday, February 17, 2008

'Normal' Week

One of the drawbacks to a post-a-week promise is that some weeks...well, some weeks defy normal description. Here are the odds and ends from this week:

Tuesday night we had movie night - this week we were (very belatedly) celebrating Doug's birthday and as such, he got to choose the movie. Therefore, we got to watch the esteemed Hensen classic, "The Dark Crystal". I'm sure we've ruined another priceless childhood memory by rewatching a movie that was chosen because it "was one of my favorites". Kids movies (or movies you loved as a kid) don't always stand up to time. We did have the most fantastic meatloaf with it though (affectionately being called, Dark Crystal Meatloaf). Maybe I'll post the recipe later.

In addition, Tuesday was Darwin Day! For those that aren't married to a paleontologist or evolutionary biologist, Darwin Day is the celebration of Charles Darwin's Birthday. (Feb 12, for those keeping count). In celebration, Sarah made flying spaghetti monster treats. Note the edible googly eyes. Super cool.

For a primer on why a flying spaghetti monster is a Darwin Day appropriate treat see the Wikipedia article here, it'll describe it far better than I. And if you want to make flying spaghetti monster treats all your own, the geniuses at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories were the ones that came up with the recipe.

On Thursday we celebrated Valentine's Day in splendid fashion - we did laundry. Yep, our romantic evening was spent toting laundry back and forth from the laundry room.

Now, to be fair, this probably deserves a post all it's own, but the long and short of it is that on Friday we discovered that due to a clerical error at the DMV, our plates came up surrendered, a fact explained to us by the very nice cop who pulled Justin over and confiscated our plates. Not fun. Now we expect to have quite the adventure trying to get it all straightened out and getting new plates for our car.

Right now, we're just lucky to have a backup vehicle (THANK YOU GRANDPA) otherwise we would be totally up the river. Go figure it happened on the President's Day Weekend so we can't even start to straighten it out until Tuesday morning.

Oh, and we found a fantastic buffalo wing place. If you are a buffalo wing afficionado and are lucky enough to find a Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill, I highly recommend stopping in. Both the baby and I survived our test drive of the hottest wing sauce on the menu, but OH MY was it hot. I did only eat one.

The weekend was spent running errands, and relaxing at home. I spent the whole day today playing in the kitchen - made coffee cake, banana bread, chicken soup with dumplings and Valentine's Day cookies which we spent all evening decorating. I love decorating cookies.

As you can see, a strange week. Funny thing is, looking back on it, other than the ridiculous car problem, it was a pretty average week for us. Guess strange is just the norm around here.

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Brody said...

I agree that a lot of childhood memories should stay there, but I was pretty sure that the Dark Crystal did manage to survive a rewatching for. Most recently, Aeon Flux did not . . . :-(