Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random knitting.

I've been sitting around a lot in the evenings trying to keep my (ever more swollen) feet up and relax. Knitting goes well with this (lack of) activity.

I have also been feeling somewhat guilty about buying more yarn before I use what I have - so I dove into my stash and found some leftover yarn from a few of my first projects, and made a kids sweater - see:

It's a "size 2" (whatever the heck that means). I'm calling it my 'Celtics sweater' since it was knit entirely during the Celtics/Pistons series, which is funny since it's green. It must be good luck though - 'cuz the Celtics are going to the finals.

I also FINALLY put the eyes on my monster hat. This is a great knit. I found the pattern at one of my FAVORITE knitting blogs The half assed knit blog:

And fun to wear - too bad one doesn't need warm hats in Phoenix.

Can you tell I'm just killing time between now and Friday?

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