Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No news is...still more waiting.

Maybe that's not how the old saying goes, but it is certainly how I feel right now. We had another sono yesterday (our 8th) and he's healthy and happy and still upside-down. So we wait until Friday.

Today I start dealing with the slew of things that need to be handled before Justin moves in August. Cars come first. We need to figure out which of the two (if either) car can make the trip across the country, starting with the Toyota. So I made an appointment to have it inspected by our trusted car mechanic. Of course, when I tried to bring it over there...it wouldn't start. Yes, this is the same "car #2" that wouldn't start last time we needed to get it over to the shop. We tried jumping it...to no avail. So now I sit and wait for the tow truck.

While I understand that a large fraction of the problems suffered by this car stem from disuse, what makes us think this car has a chance of making it to Phoenix? We shall see what the repair/inspection holds.

Hippo at the San Diego zoo from our trip out in April. While it is not actually meant to be a commentary about how big I feel right now...you can take it any way you want to.

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